It would be foolish to believe that the USDA has any goals to keep endangered exotics going, ESPECIALLY big cats.

How familiar are you with USDA? Are you aware of Miscellaneous Publication 1560, in which the USDA publically states a position AGAINST the ownership of big cats? Did you know that the USDA's job is to regulate and enforce the AWA, and that they have absolutely no jurisdiction over pets? And yet they have still taken it upon themselves to make a public statement wherein they have taken a position against ownership of big cats as pets?

They have used OUR TAX DOLLARS against us! By DeHaven's own words, they are too underfunded to consider putting out a manual on the proper husbandry of felids; yet they can spend our tax dollars to publish a pamphlet to be used against us.

Did you know that they made special accomodations to release this pamphlet to the Michigan Humane Society so that it could be used against felid owners in legislation outlawing exotic cat ownership? Did you know that we are continuously fighting the Animal Rights movement as it is, and that now DeHaven has handed them what amounts to be USDA endorsement in their efforts against us? Do you have even a clue as to what is going on in Washington, Michigan, and the proposed nationwide Shambala Act?

Did I get your attention? GOOD!!!! BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE, READ THIS!

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