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King of Beasts page http://www.lionlamb.us/lion.html A website all about lions. Contains info, links, video lists, book lists, even software lists. Also has a large section devoted to the Tsavo maneaters incident, the most famous maneating cats of all time.
BIGCATS.COM http://www.bigcats.com/ Resources for People Who Love Big and Small Wild Cats
Kathy's Kreations http://www.kathyskreations.com Where American artist Kathy C. Dryer demonstrates her artistic wildlife creations in the medium of faux fur. All works of art are hand-crafted in Phoenix, AZ using only the finest materials. Over 170 museum quality pieces - "A Must See Site!"
Tiger Touch http://www.tigertouch.org Combines research and education with a different view of sanctuaries... Supports private ownership of companion cats
FCF - Feline Conservation Federation http://www.felineconservation.org/ A non-profit organization dedicated to further conservation of felid species with an emphasis on the efforts of individuals to gain knowledge of these wondrous creatures and promote captive propagation programs.
Cat Specialist Group Home Page, IUCN http://www.catsg.org/ Information on wild cats with a world perspective.
Cat House (EFBC/FCC) http://www.cathouse-fcc.org/ The Feline Conservation Center of Rosamond, CA. Home to over 60 cats of 16 species, a breeding and research center.
Leopards, Etc. http://www.leopardsetc.com/ Big Cat info.
Tiger Haven http://www.tigerhaven.org/ Tiger Sanctuary. Very informative
Cheetah Conservation Fund http://www.cheetah.org/ The Cheetah Conservation Fund, based in Namibia, Africa, is the only organization in the world dedicated exclusively to saving the wild cheetah. This site contains information about the organization, its founder, Laurie Marker, upcoming events, available merchandise, and ways that you can help to save the cheetah.
Feline Information Trust http://www.pacifier.com/~jtsmith/ Information on a Serval (spoiled baby!) who lives in the house and allows us to worship and provide hands that have thumbs and can therefore open doors and cans of ZuPreem. Also have a database to download, with >200 pages of info taken from the daily CatBox exotic felines email list.
Chez fred http://www.chez-fred.net/felins/framfeng.htm Magnificent pages on wild felines. Really nice!
Tiger Missing Link Foundation http://www.tigerlink.org/ Saving Tigers One By One
White Tiger Foundation http://members.tripod.com/whitetigerfoundation/ A private zoo that breeds tigers of different gene pools. Focusing on white tigers.
Camelottaspots http://www.camelottaspots.com/ Breeders of Savannah cats and Bengal cats. 10-22 pound domestic spotted leopard cats. Registered with the Exotic Heritage Cat Association. All cats have been DNA tested for parentage verification.
Save China's Tigers http://www.savechinastigers.org/ Dedicated to the conservation of native wildcats in China, particularly the South China tiger.
Julie's Jungle http://www.juliesjungle.com/ This is the business I own... a private breeding facility for about 15 or so species including caracal, serval and lynx.
WildCat Haven, Inc. http://www.wildcathaven.org/ providing a safe home for captive born wildcats.
Jaylyn's Cat House http://www.angelfire.com/in4/cathouse/ This site is dedicated to all of the cats that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing in my life. There are pictures, stories of the cats that have had me for a "parent", and links to various cat related sites. Come on and check out the Cat House.
Apperon - Specialized Nutrition for Exotics http://www.apperon.com/ Oasis Vitamins are now new and improved along with a family of other specialized nutritional products for crisis situations and new-borns. All products are exclusively formulated by Dr.Gary Pusillo, one of the most respected animal nutritionists in the world. Dr.Gary's vision is a world where all animals, living in captivity, can fully express their genetic potential-without limits-naturally. For whom the old animal health practices are failing, have consistently sought Dr.Gary out for his honest, insightful and practical health strategies and solutions.
Isis Oasis Sanctuary http://www.isisoasis.org/ Isis Oasis is a non profit organization with places for people to stay on retreat. They can tour our animal habitats where we breed ocelots primarily. We also have servals, bobcats, jungle cats, chausies and over 100 colorful exotic birds. Call 800-679-PETS or email isis@isisoasis.org
Big Cat Rescue http://www.BigCatRescue.org/ Big Cat Rescue, previously known as Wildlife on Easy Street. Home to the world's largest and most diverse collection of exotic cats! 146 cats representing 18 species all in sunny Florida. Visit in person or take a virtual tour on our 120 page web site dedicated entirely to exotic cats.
SavannahCat.com http://www.SavannahCat.com/ The largest and oldest group of Savannah cat breeders in the world. Started by one of the breeds original founders Patrick Kelley. Kittens and Savannah cat books for sale.
Kiwanga Savannah Cats http://www.savannahcat.de/ Info about the large Savannah Cats, gallery with many pics of different Savannah Cat generations at our cattery, Savannah Cat description and standard.
All Creature Care http://www.2ndchance.info/Ocelot.htm Good site about raising baby ocelots. Answers to frequent questions about these intriguing animals.
Lundberg Siberians http://www.lundbergsiberians.com/ Siberian kittens raised underfoot with love and care. People with allergies typically can handle these beautiful longhair cats with little to no reaction. Visit us in Albany Oregon.
The Squirrel Store http://www.squirrelsandmore.com/ We carry a large line of rehab supplies o ring syringes, nipples,formula etc. We have over 1300 items in our store. Orders placed by noon will be shipped out the same day. I think you will be pleased with our customer service and our prices.
Forest Animal Rescue http://www.forestanimalrescue.org/ An exotic animal sanctuary that provides lifetime care to big cats (and other exotic animals) in need
Touch the Jungle http://www.touchthejungle.org/ Ecuador - An 11,000 acre Rainforest Wildcat Reserve, Animal Rescue Center. Visitors and volunteers welcome! Wildcat rehabilitation and release. Take a look!
Images of Animals and Birds Pictures http://www.wildlife-photo.org/ Wildlife Photo Gallery by Photographer Vadim Onishchenko
Lequoia Savannahs http://www.lequoiacats.com/ Website about our Savannahs and more information about the African Serval. We have healthy, highly socialized kittens who are very people oriented. Please visit our site to see the most beautiful cats you ever will see.
ALTA Amur Leopard Conservation http://www.altaconservation.org/ One of the best cat websites ever made!
Jua Ini Savannahs http://www.juaini.com/ Exquisitely exotic family companions in southern California. Beautiful black spotted gold and silver Savannah cats and kittens. Amazing, friendly and intelligent personalities. Lovingly raised in our home, playing and cuddling with us and our dog. Our kittens receive the best food and care, and come with health guarantees. See our cat family and learn more about Savannahs on our website.
Katznjamr Bengals and Savannahs http://www.bengal-katz.com/ TEXAS -- Breeding quality kittens since 1996. Health, Temperament, and Stunning Beauty.
Noah's Lost Ark Exotic Animal Sanctuary http://www.noahslostark.org/ Noah's Lost Ark is a non profit 501c3 charitable exotic animal sanctuary. Our no kill facility does not breed, sell, or lend out our animals, we allow them to live out their natural lives in comfort and peace. We receive no government funding and are solely dependent on donations and admission fees in order to operate our facility. Federally and state licensed it is our belief the animals deserve a second chance from a life where they were unwanted or abused. Noah's Lost Ark is committed to instilling compassion, respect, responsibility and preservation to all animals. Home to over 50 big cats and over 125 exotic animals. Noah's Lost Ark - Where the forgotten are remembered.
Tajicat's Cat Show! http://www.tajicat.com/slideshownew.htm Lots of Fun Cat Photos and More. Excellent Collection of the Most Adorable, Amusing and Beautiful Cats from around the World
Junglespots http://www.junglespots.com/ Breeding Jungle cat hybrids, servals, caracals, bobcats, savannahs, and Muntjac deer. All bottle raised and socialized.
wild jumanji http://www.wild-jumanji.com/ Bengal and Savannah Hybrid Cats
black mold and cats http://moldresolve.org/how-to-protect-your-cat-from-mold/ How to protect your cats from black mold

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